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WAPlus is a company that specializes in WhatsApp CRM and marketing tools. We invite you to join our Brand Ambassador program and grow alongside WAPlus.
Let us collaborate to realize our vision of improving business through WhatsApp.

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Unlock Exciting Rewards as You Climb the Ranks

The WAPlus Ambassador program offers seven levels of rewards and bonuses based on the number of customers you refer. See below for details on each level and the perks that come with them.

WAPlus Ambassador Program FAQ

Anyone can apply to be an ambassador for WAPlus, regardless of location or language. There are two types of ambassadors - text and video.

①Text ambassadors need to post text posts with 200+ words on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and Facebook.

②Video ambassadors need to post videos with 15s+ on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Your ambassador status is evaluated based on your performance in the previous three months. If you meet the criteria, we will inform you via email around the 10th of each month.

We process ambassador rewards before the 10th of each month and notify you via email. Please keep an eye on your email.

***IMPORTANT- In order to earn bonus opportunities or level up to receive additional rewards, ambassadors must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the "Rewards" table above.

It takes only three steps:

(1) Apply - apply via email so that we can set up your exclusive discount code.
(2) Promote - create and promote content using your exclusive discount code for tracking.
(3) Get Paid - receive monthly commissions and additional bonuses.

Any question, please Contact US → [email protected]

'Building private traffic for you' means that we will help you increase your personal audience and fan base. For instance,

(1) We will get you featured on the ambassador page, or even Homepage.
(2) We will shout for you on YouTube, Linkedin, and more.
(3) We will create a WhatsApp group with you as the group leader.

More ways to collaborate are waiting for your participation.

Take the plunge and unlock uncapped potential with us.