4 Ways to Sync Contacts with WhatsApp for 2024

Effortlessly sync WhatsApp contacts: Automatic sync and manual addition steps on iPhone, along with the synchronization process on Android devices. Additionally, learn how to import contacts from Gmail to WhatsApp and sync contacts to the WAPlus cloud.

How to Sync Contacts on WhatsApp with Android and iPhone


Two Methods to Sync WhatsApp Contacts with iPhone

Method 1: Automatic Contact Sync
Open iPhone settings, grant all permissions, especially for "Contacts" in "WhatsApp."
Return to settings, tap "Contacts," select "Accounts," choose "Google," and enable "Contacts."
Opt for "Keep on My iPhone" and save.
Contacts will sync automatically with WhatsApp.

Method 2: Manually Add Contacts
Open WhatsApp, go to the "Chats" interface, click the icon in the upper right corner, and select "New Contact."
Enter the contact information, then click "Save" in the upper right corner to manually add the contact.

Sync WhatsApp Contacts with iPhone
Sync WhatsApp Contacts on  Android


Sync WhatsApp Contacts on Android

Launch WhatsApp Messenger.
Navigate to the CHATS tab and proceed to tap the "New Chat" button.
Click on "Refresh" within the menu. This action refreshes the page, updating your WhatsApp contacts list.
Newly added phone contacts will seamlessly integrate into your WhatsApp contacts list.


Import Contacts from Gmail to WhatsApp

Step 1: Export Contacts from Gmail
Web Browser:
Open Gmail, go to "Google Contacts.
Click "Export," choose contacts, and save as "vCard."
In Gmail app, select "Contacts.",then Tap "Fix & Settings," choose "Export to .vcf."

Step 2: Import Contacts into WhatsApp
Open contacts, choose "Manage Contacts."
Select "Import" and choose source/destination.
Hit import to import Gmail contacts into WhatsApp.

Import Contacts from Gmail to WhatsApp
Synchronize Contacts to WAPlus Cloud


Synchronize Contacts to WAPlus Cloud

WAPlus is an exclusive extension tool for WhatsApp Web that allows you to sync contacts to the WAPlus cloud.

Practical Tips for Syncing Contacts to WhatsApp

● Use Cloud Services: Store your contacts in cloud services like Google Contacts to ensure synchronization across different devices.
Export/Import .vcf Files: In your phone settings, export contacts as .vcf files.
● WhatsApp Sync Settings: In WhatsApp settings, ensure the contact sync option is enabled
Check Permissions: Make sure WhatsApp has permission to access your contacts.
Manually Add Contacts: If automatic sync isn't working, manually add contacts to WhatsApp to ensure they appear in the app's contact list.

Set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

· Add contacts to WhatsApp on Android devices like Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, HTC, etc. After installing WhatsApp on your Android device, contacts from your phone's address book will sync automatically. If not, refresh your WhatsApp contacts.
· Steps: Launch WhatsApp > Tap 'Contacts' > Press the 'Menu' button > Select the 'Refresh' tab."
If WhatsApp is not granted access to your contacts, they won't appear on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp may take some time to synchronize your contact list.
Contacts who are not registered on WhatsApp will not appear on the platform.
Accidentally hiding a contact can prevent WhatsApp from displaying it in your contacts list.
Changing the storage location of contacts from phone memory to SIM card or other cloud storage services may result in WhatsApp being unable to access those contacts.
· Re-login: Log out and back into WhatsApp to refresh and address temporary display issues.
· Check Permissions: Ensure WhatsApp has contact access permission in your phone settings.
· Sync Contacts: Force synchronization in WhatsApp settings under "Account."
· Restore Backup: If available, restore a recent WhatsApp backup under "Chats."
· Update WhatsApp: Ensure you're using the latest version for improved compatibility.

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