Release Notes

V1.5.60 - HubSpot Integration

Added the ability to integrate HubSpot to operate your HubSpot within the extension!

💡 Features 2024/1/9

Explore the new functionalities introduced in this release:

  • View Contact Information: Now, you can directly access detailed information about associated HubSpot contacts within our application. This includes basic contact details, deals, tasks, tickets, and notes related to the contact.
  • Ticket Management: Effortlessly create and view tickets in HubSpot through our application, ensuring seamless tracking and handling of customer issues.
  • Notes Viewing: Review notes about the current contact from HubSpot, gaining better insights into your communication history with clients.
  • Task Management: Easily manage tasks related to contacts, ensuring you never miss any important activities or deadlines.
  • Deal Viewing: Inspect deals associated with contacts, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business relationships with clients.

Upgrade to WAPlus CRM extension version 1.5.60 to use the HubSpot integration!

V1.5.59 - Bug Fixes

Improved functionality with a synchronization status display optimization!

🐞 Bug Fixes 2023/12/25

Addressed the following issue:

  • WAPlus Sync Status Display Optimization: Resolved and improved the display of synchronization status in WAPlus for a more streamlined and informative user experience.

Upgrade to version 1.5.59 of WAPlus CRM extension to benefit from this bug fix and enjoy an enhanced synchronization status display!

V1.5.58 - Deprecation of Button Message Feature

Important update: Button Message functionality has been deprecated.

⚠️ Deprecation 2023/12/22

In this release, we've made the following change:

  • Deprecation of Button Message Feature: Due to WhatsApp restrictions, the Button Message feature in WAPlus has been disabled. To avoid any inconvenience, please promptly update your message content. Messages sent with buttons will now only include the text content.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to stay informed about the latest changes and ensure a smooth transition in your messaging strategy.

V1.5.57 - WA Account Share Link

Enhanced group share link with added WA account share link feature!

💡 Features 2023/12/21

Explore the new functionalities introduced in this release:

  • Extended Group Share Link: Building upon existing group share link capabilities, we've expanded functionality to include share link of WA accounts.
  • New Features:
    • WA Account Share Link List: Easily view and manage WA account share link.
    • New WA Account Share Link : Introduce new WA account share link to organize and categorize your WA accounts.
    • Edit WA Account Share Link : Modify existing WA account share link for flexibility and control.
    • Delete WA Account Share Link : Effortlessly remove unnecessary WA account share link for streamlined account management.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to access these valuable enhancements, allowing you to effectively manage and address issues related to customer service account restrictions!

V1.5.56 - Bug Fixes

Experience improved functionality with critical bug resolutions!

🐞 Bug Fixes 2023/12/8

Addressed the following issues:

  • Birthday Display Error: Corrected the issue causing inaccuracies in birthday displays.
  • Consistent Font Sizes: Ensured uniform font sizes across various elements within the WAPlus plugin for a more cohesive visual experience.
  • Line Breaks in Notes: Resolved the concern where line breaks in notes were not being reflected correctly.
  • Code and Comment Consistency: Aligned code with comments for improved clarity and consistency in business logic.
  • Attachment-related Quick Reply Issue: Investigated and fixed the occurrence of the send icon spinning and potential freezing when sending quick replies with attachments upon the initial opening of the plugin.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to benefit from these critical bug fixes and enjoy a smoother user experience!

V1.5.53 - Group Messaging P2

Enhanced group messaging with added features!

💡 Features 2023/11/30

Explore the new functionalities introduced in this release:

  • Contact Details Export: Easily export contact details for improved data management and analysis.
  • Tag Template Guidance: Streamlined tag management with guided templates for efficient organization.
  • Bulk Contact Management: Effortlessly manage multiple contacts in one go for increased productivity.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to access these valuable enhancements and elevate your group messaging experience!

V1.5.52 - Scheduled Message Attachment Feature

Enhanced scheduled messaging with attachment functionality!

💡 Features 2023/11/27

Discover the new capability introduced in this release:

  • Scheduled Message Attachment: Now you can include attachments in your scheduled messages, providing an added layer of flexibility and richness to your scheduled communications.

🐞 Bug Fixes 2023/11/27

Addressed the following issue:

  • Fixed excessive redundant calls to the "guide-type" and "get tab's chats count" interfaces, improving overall performance and reducing unnecessary load.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to enjoy the convenience of sending attachments in scheduled messages and experience improved performance!

V1.5.50 - Bug Fixes

Enhanced functionality with critical bug resolutions!

🐞 Bug Fixes 2023/11/16

Addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed unresponsive guidance functionality in the scheduled message window.
  • Resolved API malfunction for chatting with non-contacts.
  • Corrected the display issue where button messages consistently showed three frames, irrespective of the number of buttons configured.
  • Aligned and corrected style discrepancies in the WAPlus CRM plugin.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to benefit from these critical bug fixes and enjoy a smoother user experience!

V1.5.49 - Bug Fixes, Store Material Update

Experience improved functionality and updated store materials!

💡  Features    2023/10/26

Explore the enhancement introduced in this release:

  • Store Material Update: Enjoy refreshed and updated materials in the store for an enhanced user experience.

🐞 Bug Fixes 2023/10/26

Addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed issue with the layer of the collapse icon in the chat window, allowing users to seamlessly collapse the toolbar and access various emojis.
  • Resolved backend log errors related to data validation.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to benefit from bug fixes and explore the latest store material updates!

V1.5.48 - Reminder Deletion Feature

Effortlessly manage your reminders with the new delete functionality!

💡  Features    2023/9/30

Explore the enhancement introduced in this release:

  • Reminder Deletion: Now, you can easily delete read reminders, giving you more control and flexibility in managing your reminders.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to access the new reminder deletion feature and optimize your reminder management experience!

V1.5.45 - Team Permission Optimization

Enhanced team management for a more flexible user experience!

💡  Features    2023/9/28

Explore the optimizations introduced in this release:

  • Role Expansion: In response to the need for a more flexible team structure, we've introduced a new role – Manager. This role can be assigned to all members (excluding Admin) and initially carries permissions equivalent to Admin.
  • Team Dissolution: Admins can now dissolve teams when there are no other members. This provides a convenient way to manage teams when needed.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to take advantage of these team permission enhancements and enjoy a more tailored team management experience!

V1.5.41 - Group Share Link Feature

Effortlessly manage customers in various WhatsApp groups!

💡  Features    2023/9/15

Explore the new capabilities introduced in this release:

  • Group Share Link: Introducing a solution to overcome challenges related to WhatsApp group size limits, full group capacities preventing customer access, and the inconvenience of group link usage.
  • Group Share Link Management:
    • Group Share Link List: Easily view and manage group share link list.
    • New Group Share Link Page: Access a dedicated page for creating and managing group share link.
    • Group Share Link Generation: Generate group share link effortlessly.
    • Group Share Link Forwarding: Share group share links with ease.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to leverage the Group Segmentation feature and streamline your customer management in WhatsApp groups!

V1.5.40 - WAPlus Comprehensive Sync

Experience enhanced message synchronization!

💡  Features    2023/9/14

Discover the improvements in this release:

  • Introduction of the Team Plan: With the launch of the Team Plan, we're bringing forth advanced features, including the development of the auto-sync historical message function.
  • Performance Boost: Recognizing the growing demand for user-initiated historical message synchronization, the existing message sync mechanism faced limitations. The current sync function encounters performance and efficiency bottlenecks, especially when multiple users attempt to sync extensive message histories simultaneously.
  • Future-Ready Sync: In response to the increasing user base and heightened demand for automated historical message synchronization, we've implemented a more efficient, reliable, and scalable message sync mechanism.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension to enjoy these advancements in message synchronization and ensure a seamless experience for handling historical messages!

V1.5.39 - Profile Information Sync in Chat List

Seamless synchronization for enhanced CRM interactions!

💡  Features    2023/8/29

Explore the improvements in this update:

  • Addressed issue: Modifications to Lead profile info now persist in chat lists and contact nicknames, even after page refresh.

Upgrade to the latest version of WAPlus CRM extension today for a more streamlined CRM workflow!

V1.5.16 - Add Rich Media in Quick Reply & Auto Reply

Powerful new features to enhance your CRM experience!

💡  Features    2023/4/25

Check out the highlights of this update:

  • Add Rich Media in Quick Replies: Now you can add pictures, videos, files, and buttons to your quick replies, making your communication more engaging and efficient.
  • Add Rich Media in Auto Replies: Boost your auto replies by including pictures, videos, files, and buttons to create a more dynamic and interactive experience for your customers.
  • Import Contacts via CSV: Easily import contacts into custom tabs using CSV files, making it simple to manage and organize your contacts within WAPlus CRM.
  • One-Click Unread Messages: Stay on top of your messages with the new "Read All Unread Messages" feature. With just one click, you can read all unread messages and mark them as read, ensuring you never miss important communications.
  • Right-Click to Send Messages: Quickly send a message to any number found on a web page using the new right-click context menu option. This convenient feature allows you to initiate conversations without needing to manually add the number to your CRM.

Upgrade to the latest version of the WAPlus CRM extension today and enjoy these fantastic new features that will take your CRM experience to new heights!

V1.5.0 - Premium Subscription Plan

Upgrade to Premium today and experience WAPlus CRM extension in a whole new way while saving big!

🎉  Huge surprise    2023/02/17

Attention valued user! 📣

We have some exciting news to share with you! WAPlus CRM extension is proud to introduce our new premium subscription model, which will unlock all the incredible features you know and love, plus more! As a loyal user, you can take advantage of our special promotion for a limited time only, and unlock all the exclusive benefits available to our premium subscribers. 🚀

Not quite ready to upgrade yet? No worries! We understand that everyone has different needs, so we're also reserving a permanent free package for basic users. You can still access some of our great features without any cost. 🆓

Our friendly customer support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at any time!

V1.4.38 - Shared Inbox for Team

Gain visibility over your team's WhatsApp activities now!

💡  Features    2022/12/23

✔️ Share & manage your team's conversations on WhatsApp.

✔️ Backup all your WhatsApp contacts and conversations.

V1.4.24 - Google Calendar

💡  Features    2022/10/17

Added new "Schedule Event" button to create events and sync them to Google Calendar.

Achieve your WhatsApp Calendar and view events about contact. 

Share the events to your contact. 

V1.4.23 - Basic Plan

💡  Features    2022/10/17

We have updated a new plan.

In the Basic plan, you can get more usage count of custom tabs, auto-replies, quick replies, schedule messages, notes, and reminders.

Best of all, this plan with more usage is free.

Needs only to click "Upgrade now" or "Try It FREE!" to get it from our customer service.

V1.4.18 - Schedule Message

💡  Features    2022/09/01

Now, you could set up schedule messages to anyone/group.

Once started, it will be sent as default. The only thing you need to do is to keep the window open.

Need to send message circularly?

You could schedule recurrence message by clicking the recurrence button.

Or adjust the time and restart it when the schedule expires.

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