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WAPlus CRM is a Free WhatsApp CRM Tool, which help you manage conversation, auto reply, quick reply, add notes to chats, and start chats with non-contacts on WhatsApp web.

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Filter Chats

01 Conversation management

In order not to lose any trace of buyers. Use chat filters to quickly find important status conversations such as unread, waiting for a reply, needing a reply, auto-responders, and your personalized.

02 Auto Reply & Quick reply

Just use the code-free method to create your own WhatsApp auto-reply bot in three steps. Support personalized message customization, rich advanced trigger rules, and automatic follow-up operations.

Make it easier to reply to messages by avoiding sending the same message repeatedly.

Auto Reply
Add Notes to Chats

03 Add Notes to Chats

Use notes to record the entire sales process of potential customers, so that you can understand the full range of customer information and formulate more targeted marketing plans.

04 Start Chat with Non-Contacts

Break through the limitations of WhatsApp, initiate chats with non-contacts, and use WhatsApp to improve customer follow-up efficiency.

Chat with Non-Contacts

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