WAPlus Workspace is a collaborative system designed for team users. If you need to cooperate with team members to follow up with customers and handle customer messages, you can create your own team workspace according to the following process.

A. how to access

In the WAPlus CRM extension, click the entrance icon in the upper left corner to automatically open the Workspace background.

B. For New User

1. After completing the registration and logging in, you can enter the workspace creation process.

2. Enter your workspace name (the workspace name will be displayed to invited members, please use a name that you are familiar with each other), and click "Continue" to enter the step of inviting team members.

3. Multiple members can be invited to join at one time, and the invitation email will be sent to the email address filled in. (If the member did not receive the invitation email, please check the email trash box.)

4. If you are an individual user, you can click the "Not now" button to skip the step of inviting members.

5. After entering the Pipeline page, it means that the creation of the workspace has been completed, and please officially start your system usage journey.

C. For Registered User

1. You have completed the setting of the workspace name, you can continue to invite team members to join or delete team members who have quit/have no permission on the "Settings" page.