WAPlus Extension for Google Calendar on WhatsApp

The WAPlus extension lets you effortlessly create events on WhatsApp Web and swiftly sync them to Google Calendar. It also auto-generates time invitation texts, sending them directly to selected contacts, making scheduling and notifying others a breeze while you chat.

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Effortlessly Create Google Calendar Events on WhatsApp

Here are the steps:
Step 1: Log in to WhatsApp Web and download the WAPlus extension.
Step 2: In the chat box, navigate to 'Schedule Event' in the sidebar.
Step 3: Follow the prompts to fill in event details such as name, date, and location.
Step 4: Click 'Save,' and the event will be synchronized to your Google Calendar.

Effortlessly Create Google Calendar Events on WhatsApp
Auto-generated Invitation Text

Auto-generated Invitation Text

As events sync to Google Calendar, the chat box will automatically generate corresponding invitation text.

No need for manual input or additional email sending—this text clearly includes the event's time, location, and description, and is directly sent to the relevant parties.

Convenient Schedule Management

WAPlus extension streamlines scheduling by instantly notifying team members. For instance, creating an urgent meeting on WhatsApp Web and syncing it to Google Calendar triggers automatic notifications to selected team members, ensuring timely awareness and efficient collaboration.

WAPlus Extension for Google Calendar on WhatsApp

More Features

Reduce communication time costs and boost your work efficiency with WAPlus.

Custom Tab

Effortlessly create custom tabs, add contacts, and organize chats efficiently. Prioritize conversations by navigating to the "Important" tab for quick access.

Quick Reply

Click the template to quickly send a message.

Contact Info

Add personalized labels with Profile, record relevant info using Notes, and access fundamental details directly from WhatsApp through Basic Info.

Schedule Message

Create, edit, delete schedule message.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

You can use third-party tools like WAPlus Extension to integrate Google Calendar with WhatsApp through their settings or connection options.
Yes, WAPlus supports sending Google Calendar event invitations through WhatsApp.
Using other integration tools, you can achieve automatic synchronization of Google Calendar events to WhatsApp.
While WAPlus extension offers WhatsApp scheduling functionality, there might be other Chrome extensions that provide similar features for scheduling messages on WhatsApp.

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