How to use WAPlus CRM

WAPlus CRM is a Free WhatsApp CRM Tool, which help you manage conversation, auto reply, quick reply, add notes to chats, and start chats with non-contacts on WhatsApp web.

Conversation Management

Start Chat with Non-Contacts

Quick reply

Add Profile&Notes to Chats

Auto Reply

Schedule Message


This CRM extension interface contains a tab bar, toolbar, and chat area.
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There are three types of tabs: system tab, work tab, and custom tab. Users can create custom tabs. Tab Setting: It can be added, deleted, edited, displayed, and hidden tab.

System Tabs

1. All: All chats.
2. Unread: Chats with unread messages.
3. Awaiting Reply: Chats that wait for the contact to reply.
4. Needs Reply: Chats that need your reply.
5. Auto Replied: Chats that automatically reply to a message.
6. 1:1: Single contact chats.
7. Groups: Group Chats.
8. Broadcast Lists: Chats sent to Broadcast Lists.
9. Mentions: @you group chats.

Work Tabs

1. Work: Work partners chats.
2. Friends: Friends chats.
3. Clients: Clients chats.

Custom tab

1. Users can create custom tabs.
2.Select a contact and click the "Add to tab" icon.
3. Add contacts to the custom tab.
4.Click the "important" tab to see the chat appear 
under that tab.

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Start Chatting with Non-contact

Enter a phone number and initiate a conversation with a contact not in your list.

Quick Reply

Click the template to quickly send a message.

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Contact Info

1. Profile: Add customized labels to contacts.
2. Notes: Add notes to the contact to record the related matters.
3. Basic info: The contact's basic information is from WhatsApp.

Auto Reply

1. In the "WhatsApp tools" icon, select "Auto Reply".
2. Click "New Reply" to create a new auto-reply template.
3. Name the auto-reply template.
4.Enter the "keyword" to trigger the automatic reply.
5.Enter the content you want to reply to automatically.
6. Click “Save“, and the creation is successful.

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1. Template name: Customize the name of the automatic reply template.
2.Expected keyword: Enter the keywords which need to match the automatic reply in the message sent by the contact.
3. Reply to send: Enter the reply content. 
4. Dynamic Variables: Choose to use a placeholder in the reply content.
5. Allowed only on specific days: Select the day of the week to use the auto-reply.
6. Allow to auto reply in groups:  Select the groups that can use auto-replies.
7. Archive the conversation after replying: Archive the conversation after replying.
8. Do not reply in active chats: The window that is chatting does not use auto reply.
9. Quote the sender’s message in the reply: Reply with a citation.
10. Block the sender instead of replying: The sender is blocked instead of replying after
receiving the message with the expected keyword.
11. Disabled: The automatic reply does not take effect.

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Schedule Message

Create, edit, delete schedule message.
1.Schedule Message Title: Customize the name of the timing message template.
2.Edit Message: Enter the content of the schedule message.
① Choose when to send the message.
② Choose to send only once or multiple times.

Create Schedule Message

1.Click "Send Schedule Message" in the chat area to 
create a new scheduled message template.
2. Name the scheduled message template.
3.Enter the content of the message you want to send 
at a specific time.
4. Choose the date and time you want to send.
5. Select whether to send only once or multiple times.
6. Click "Save" and the creation is successful.

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Remind Me

Create a new notification.
1. Inbox: Notified reminders.
2. Upcoming: Unannounced reminders.

Pin chats 

Select contacts or groups chat to the top of the chat 

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Account Center

1.Contact us: If you have any questions, please consult customer service.
2. Contact Information: Turn on the switch to keep 
contact information displayed in the right column.
3. Full Screen Mode: Set the full screen mode.
4. Language: Switch the language.
5. Tutorial: CRM extension user tutorial.

Chat Interface

1.Select the specified time to send a message.
2. Remind me: Create a new notification.
3.Contact Info: View the contact information of the 
current chat interface.
4. Add to tab: Add contacts to any tab.

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