Unlock Efficiency: Setting Up WhatsApp Auto Reply with WAPlus

A Step-by-Step Guide to Personalized and Time-Saving Responses: Learn how to set up personalized and time-saving auto-replies on WhatsApp, using WAPlus.

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WAPlus extension for WhatsApp Auto Reply

Using WAPlus for WhatsApp Auto Reply

Why Choose WAPlus?

WAPlus not only provides a simple auto-reply tool but also helps businesses thrive in competitive markets through its additional features and user-friendly design. Start using WAPlus today to experience the efficiency boost and improved customer satisfaction that automation brings.

WAPlus CRM extension
WAPlus extension for WhatsApp Auto Reply

Use WAPlus for powerful auto-replies and enjoy swift responses

● Exclusive Chrome Extension for WhatsApp Users: Tailor your customer service with a powerful tool designed specifically for WhatsApp.
● Enhanced Marketing and Sales: Leverage WAPlus's advanced auto-reply feature to drive your marketing and sales activities forward.
● Efficiency Boost: Create a personalized reply bot in just four simple steps to significantly enhance your customer service efficiency.
Swift Response Options: Ensure immediate responses with WAPlus's quick reply options.
● Intuitive User Interface: Simplify operations with a user-friendly interface that makes managing auto-replies easy and effortless.

How to set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring WhatsApp Auto Replies with WAPlus

Step 1: Access the Auto-Reply Feature

Click the tools icon in the upper right corner.
Navigate to the Auto-Reply tab to view all created auto-reply messages.

Set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus
Set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus

Step 2: Matching Keywords Sub Tab

● Within the Auto-Reply tab, access the Matching Keywords sub tab.
● Click the "Create Reply" button in the upper right corner to open the creation page.
● Edit template name, keywords, reply content, attachments, and configure template settings.
● When a contact's message matches the template's keywords, an automatic reply will be triggered.

Step 3: Reply All Sub Tab

● In the Auto-Reply tab, go to the Reply All sub tab.
● Click "Create Reply" to open the creation page.
● Edit template name and reply content.
● When a contact's message doesn't match any keyword templates, this type of template will be triggered.
● Each contact will receive this reply only once every 24 hours, and you can create only one Reply All template.

Set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus
Set up WhatsApp Auto Replies in WAPlus

Step 4: Activate Auto-Reply

● After creating auto-reply templates, manually enable the auto-reply toggle.
● You can now use the auto-reply feature to assist with your work.

Additional Features of WAPlus

Auto Reply Templates

Users can create customized auto-reply templates, helping them respond quickly and consistently in various scenarios, thus enhancing efficiency.

Scheduled Auto Replies

Users can schedule the sending time for auto-replies, ensuring they automatically respond at the designated times, thereby increasing flexibility in message management.

Selective Auto Replies

The option to selectively auto-reply on specific dates, in particular group chats, or under specific conditions provides users with more control over when and where their auto-replies are active.

Blocking Instead of Replying

Users have the option to block the sender instead of automatically replying when receiving messages that match certain keywords, providing greater flexibility and control.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

The auto-reply feature is exclusive to WhatsApp Business. To experience auto-reply on WhatsApp, Android users can effortlessly do so by downloading the WAPlus extension on the web, logging into their WhatsApp account.
WhatsApp auto-reply messages can vary based on the context and purpose. Here are some sample auto-reply messages for different situations:
· General Auto Reply:
"Thank you for your message! I'm currently away from my phone but will get back to you as soon as possible."
· Business Hours Response:
"Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Our business hours are [mention your hours]. We'll respond promptly during these times."
· Vacation Auto Reply:
"Greetings! I'm currently on vacation and might not be checking messages regularly. I'll respond to your message when I return on [date]. Thank you for your understanding!"
· Meeting or Busy Response:
"Hi! I'm currently in a meeting and may not be able to respond right away. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience."
· Customized Promotional Message:
"Thanks for your message! Did you know we're running a special promotion this month? Check out our website [insert link] for more details!"
· Event Reminder Auto Reply:
"Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Just a quick note that our event is coming up on [date]. We look forward to seeing you there!"
1. Activate Away Messages In WhatsApp Business, tap three dots, go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Away message, and toggle "Send away message."
2. Personalize Message Input a customized away message or choose from provided examples.
3. Set Timing Choose:
· Always send: For extended unavailability.
· Custom schedule: Auto replies at specific times.
· Outside business hours: Set in your WhatsApp Business profile.
4. Select Recipients Choose:
· Everyone: Auto replies after working hours.
· Not in the address book: Auto replies to new contacts.
· Except: Avoid auto-replies for specific contacts.
· Only send to: Auto messages to selected recipients.
1.Avoid Generic Messages: Customize your WAPlus business auto-replies to reflect your brand's voice and address common queries specifically. Also, ensure to update these messages regularly to keep them relevant.

2.Monitor Customer Feedback: Regularly update your auto-replies based on customer responses and engagement levels to ensure effectiveness.
Yes, there are free WhatsApp APIs available, such as the one offered by Growby. It allows businesses to send real-time messages without setup or API charges. However, message costs may apply based on the recipient's country and message type.

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