Easily Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact with WAPlus Extension

WAPlus streamlines messaging to non-contacts on WhatsApp with a single click and enhances communication efficiency by providing comprehensive management features such as conversation management, auto-reply, and scheduled messaging.


Why do Businesses Choose WAPlus
as Their Contacting Tool?

Choose WAPlus for messaging non-contacts

A professional extension tool for WhatsApp Web, facilitates efficient communication for businesses.
One-click contact with non-contacts is simple and quick, enhancing workflow efficiency.
Provide an intuitive country code selection, eliminating the need for memorization and making communication more convenient.
Create message templates for swift communication with a large audience, boosting work efficiency.
When sending messages to non-contacts, categorize them directly into work, friends, or customers for easy follow-up.
The auto-reply and reminder features enhance message processing efficiency, ensuring timely responses to customers and improving overall business responsiveness.
The user-friendly interface reduces training costs, allowing employees to easily adapt.

whatsapp messages without saving contact with WAPlus extension
Start Chatting with Non-contact

One-Click Connection with Non-Contacts, Simple and Swift

The powerful features of WAPlus allow you to effortlessly connect with non-contacts. Picture this: you're in a crucial business meeting and need to quickly reach out to a client or partner not in your address book. WAPlus's one-click connection makes it a breeze—no cumbersome steps required. You can swiftly send messages and establish connections with ease.

Eliminate the hassle of memorizing country codes

WAPlus streamlines the process with a dropdown menu listing country area codes. Select your desired country code effortlessly, eliminating the need for tedious memorization. For instance, when reaching out to potential partners in different countries, WAPlus's dropdown menu simplifies the selection of country codes, saving you time and effort in the process.

Easily send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact with WAPlus Extension
Easily send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact with WAPlus Extension

Create and Click Message Templates for WhatsApp Non-Contacts

When sending bulk WhatsApp messages to non-contacts.Users can easily create and expedite communication by swiftly clicking on the designated templates. When you're running a time-sensitive marketing campaign, needing to send promotions to a broad audience. WAPlus's message template functionality proves invaluable, enabling efficient message creation and deployment with just a click, ensuring timely outreach and engagement.

Tab Integration for Efficient Follow-Ups with Non-contacts

Utilizing WAPlus for sending WhatsApp messages to non-contacts comes with a unique categorization feature. Easily organize messages into categories like work, friends, and customers. Consider a marketing campaign targeting diverse potential clients—WAPlus allows direct categorization, ensuring quick identification and efficient management during follow-ups. This streamlined approach enhances overall communication structure and follow-up efficiency.

Easily send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact with WAPlus Extension

More Features

To help businesses connect and manage non-contacts on WhatsApp.

Auto-reply and reminder features

Enable companies to handle a large volume of messages efficiently, ensuring no crucial customer interactions are missed.

Automatically synchronize information

Seamless automatic syncing ensures data is securely and durably stored in the cloud, safeguarding data integrity.

Simple to operate

Even employees less familiar with technology can easily get the hang of it.

A comprehensive and systematic feature set

Including contact details, full-screen mode, language switching, and user tutorials, aids companies in customizing and managing their WAPlus user experience more effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

· On the WhatsApp chat page, click on the '+' button
· On the contact selection screen, enter the complete phone number, including the international dialing code
· If the other party has a registered WhatsApp account, it will display a 'Chat' option, allowing you to start sending messages."
Utilize the following link: [https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=601xxxxxxxx], replace '601xxxxxxxx' with your mobile number. Others just need to click on this link on their mobile, and they can directly contact you through WhatsApp.
With WAPlus, you can effortlessly send WhatsApp messages without the need to add the contact. The unique features of WAPlus allow users to initiate conversations with non-contacts directly, providing a convenient and efficient way to communicate on WhatsApp.

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