How to Retain Your Existing Customers through WhatsApp CRM?

retain your existing customers through WhatsApp CRM

Did you know the cost to acquire a new customer is at least 5 to 25 times higher than the cost to retain an existing customers?

If you invest your time money and efforts in retaining your existing customers, your overall costs will decrease. When your overall costs decreases, your profitability will increase. Now if you increase your customer retention rate by 5, your profits have the potential to increase by at least 25. It is needless to say that customer retention needs to be your first priority.

WAPlus - WhatsApp CRM tool has helped more than 800 businesses retain their existing customers, enables businesses to provide exceptional customer service on WhatsApp. Let me repeat exceptional customer service on WhatsApp. This is your first powerful strategy that will help you retain your existing customers. Talk to your customers on WhatsApp, resolve their queries and complaints quickly via WhatsApp. See, by now you might already know that not all your customers are active on emails, also no customer today has the time and patience to wait for your phone call now. 

retain your existing customers through WhatsApp CRM

This becomes a big challenge for you. If you want to provide very good customer service, WhatsApp helps you overcome this challenge, you can close your eyes and bet that a majority of your customers are active on WhatsApp. Not only that they would be quite comfortable talking to you on WhatsApp at their own convenience. So why not use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers and resolve their queries?

But now what if you receive a large volume of customer queries via WhatsApp on a daily basis? Do you think a single person with just one WhatsApp number will be able to manage so many customer queries? No!  Right!  You will require a customer support team and your team will require a platform that helps them manage all the customer communication that happens on WhatsApp and that platform is WAPlus CRM.

retain your existing customers through WhatsApp CRM
WhatsApp CRM

WAPlus CRM gives you access to the official WhatsApp business platform.  When you get access to this platform, you get to use some very good and advanced WhatsApp features. These features enrich your WhatsApp messages and in turn help you provide very good customer service. In WAPlus CRM you get a shared team inbox using this inbox your team can receive and reply to all the customer queries that come in via your WhatsApp business number. Your team can access this inbox from multiple devices when your team sends a WhatsApp message to a customer, that customer receives that message only from your official WhatsApp business number. WAPlus CRM shared team inbox will enable you to provide very good customer service on WhatsApp. As a result, your customers will be happy, they will purchase again from you, and would also recommend you to their friends and family.

So to summarize the first strategy in order to retain your customers, you need to provide them exceptional customer service on WhatsApp. It will be convenient for you as well as for your customers. WAPlus CRM is the platform that will help you achieve this objective. If you want to get a free trial of WAPlus CRM, you can click on the link in the description below and create your WAPlus account.

Start to retain your existing customers through WhatsApp CRM. Also if you want to share your ideas or opinions with us, you are always welcomed. Contact us through WhatsApp.

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