WAPlus: The most powerful web-based free management among various WhatsApp tools

Among various WhatsApp tools , WAPlus would streamline customer management for small and medium-sized enterprises on the web by enabling contact with non-contacts, providing automated replies, and managing customer information.

whatsapp without saving contact

1. whatsapp without saving contact

Bypassing the WhatsApp system, the preferred method for businesses to expand internationally:

Initiate conversations directly with contacts not on your list by entering their phone number. When you need to swiftly connect with unfamiliar users without waiting for them to accept your contact request, simply start a conversation.

Unlimited WhatsApp Groups

2. Unlimited WhatsApp Groups

WAPlus can generate a master link containing more than 10 group links for you. When users click on this master link, the system will automatically assign them to one of the groups, addressing issues such as group size limitations, full groups, and cumbersome invitation codes. This provides you with a convenient way to effortlessly invite customers to join WhatsApp groups, particularly useful for businesses building overseas communities.

WAPlus automatically archives and backs up all messages from WhatsApp, including text, images, videos, and other media files, to the workspace.

3. Personalization and Automation of WhatsApp Messages

Auto Replies on WhatsApp:

  • Craft personalized messages with just 3 steps to create your own WAPlus chatbot. It could help you broadcast list whatsapp.
  • Supports scheduled messaging and automatic replies triggered by specific keywords.
  • Allows for automated responses in group messages and scheduled broadcasts.

After responding to user messages, WAPlus automatically archives and backs up messages from all WhatsApp chat windows.

Backup WhatsApp Messages  Permanently

4. Backup WhatsApp Messages Permanently

WAPlus automatically archives and backs up all messages from WhatsApp, including text, images, videos, and other media files, to the workspace. This backup remains accessible for an extended period, effectively preventing the loss of customer messages and data in case of account suspension. Additionally, it facilitates sharing of conversation history among team members, fostering improved teamwork and collaboration.

Users can create custom tabs for quick navigation of conversations on WhatsApp Web.

5. WhatsApp Conversations Management

Users can create custom tabs for quick navigation of conversations on WhatsApp Web. WAPlus's chat filter feature enables the swift identification of crucial status messages, such as unread, awaiting response, and automatic replies. Users can concentrate on what they deem most important or urgent by using filters, allowing for a more targeted approach to managing their tasks.

Sales pipeline view

6. Sales pipeline view

WAPlus automatically organizes and distinguishes users from different channels. This kind of view can help sales teams understand and optimize their sales processes, allowing for better management and prediction of sales performance.

Provide whatsapp conversation analysis reports

7. Provide conversation analysis reports

All conversation data from the company will be systematically collected by WAPlus, creating a visual data report. Users can view and compare response patterns in their accounts by selecting different timeframes. By analyzing response trends at different times, businesses can optimize their customer service scheduling, ensuring adequate resources during peak hours.

WhatsApp online Status Privacy and Tracking

8. WhatsApp online Status Privacy and Tracking

  • Supports checking if a phone number is registered on WhatsApp to confirm its validity.
  • It can hide your online status, as well as your typing and audio message playback status.
  • Allows checking the online status of WhatsApp accounts.


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The term "WhatsApp tool" is quite broad, and there are various tools and applications designed to enhance or complement the functionality of WhatsApp. Depending on the specific tool in question, it could serve different purposes. Here are a few potential uses of WhatsApp tools:

· Marketing and Business Communication
· Automation
· Analytics and Reporting
· Privacy and Security
· Group Management
The safety and security of WhatsApp tools can vary depending on the specific tool or application you are using. And WAPlus is a safe whatsapp tool.

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