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WA Sender Extension

Use WAPlus Sender - #1 wa sender extension to connect with your customers on WhatsApp.

Send WhatsApp Messages without saving numbers using WA Sender Application - the most modern way to outreach.

This WhatsApp tool is suitable for maintaining customers and is not recommended for mass messaging or spam.

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WhatsApp CRM Extension

WAPlus CRM extension is a WhatsApp based CRM, which can help you manage conversation, auto reply, quick reply, add notes to chats, and start chats with non-contacts on WhatsApp web.

This WhatsApp tool helps you build an easy-to-use CRM on WA Web, changing the traditional way of WhatsApp CRM integration.

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Enterprise Version

Serve for collaboration, support work of WhatsApp for team. Provide full-process operation tools to help the company accumulate its own customers, complete customer management, realize digital marketing, and improve performance.

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WhatsApp Tools

WAPlus CRM extension contains a lot of WhatsApp tools.

👉 Customizable conversation management
👉 WhatsApp bot based on auto-reply flows
👉 Check online status for WhatsApp
👉 Pin unlimited chats

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